Admin How-To: Configuring Google Calendar Integration

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A key component of Saltmine’s Utilization dataset is your organization’s room booking information. This information helps identify which rooms are being used, by what teams, and for how long. When cross-referenced with Sensor data, even more valuable insights become apparent.

To connect your organization’s Google Calendar to this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. On Google’s Admin Console, go to Security > Access and Data Control > API Controls
Manage Domain Wide Delegation
  1. Once opened, select ‘Add New’
  2. In the Client ID field, input 105692135575059631541 . This is Saltmine’s Google Cloud Platform Service Account unique id.
  3. Under OAuth scopes, add the following scopes:
  1. Click Authorize  
  1. Ensure that the room resources are tagged under the Meeting Space category. To do this, go to Directory > Buildings and resources > Manage Resources. Tip: You can quickly list all resources tagged under Meeting space by clicking on Add a filter > Resource category > Meeting space then click apply. 
  2. Provide your Customer ID and Primary Admin email address to Saltmine. They can be found in Account > Account Settings. 

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