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The Saltmine CAD export has been significantly enhanced to support automated p-line generation for interoperability with different IWMS platforms.

Polylines will be exported to BOMA Office Buildings 2017, Method A.

Almost all IWMS systems require a CAD or Revit file to create their floor plan in their platform. Each polyline in the drawing is tied to a database record for each room. The AutoCAD “plugin” that each IWMS uses is then used to create the image of the floorplan that will show in the IWMS platform.

Test fitting is generally done only in AutoCAD and not the IWMS system due to how time consuming and costly it is to add each version. Now, with our automated polylines for IWMS, that process has been streamlined. 

How to Export a Polylined Drawing?

From the design view with the completed design open, expand the export dropdown and select the CAD/DXF option. This will download the floorplan in .dxf format that can then be opened in AutoCAD.

When choosing the CAD export type there is the option of choosing the default Saltmine layers or one of several IWMS systems available. Choosing the option for and IWMS will export the polylines on the appropriate layers.

Saltmine Default New Layers

  • SM-ALL: All polylines and Space Ids
  • SM-GROSS: Exterior perimeter using area config
  • SM-SPACES: Block and Core Rooms
  • SM-CIRC: Circulation Spaces
  • SM-SPACE-ID: Room IDs
  • SM-SPACE-NAME: Block Name or Room Name as available

Note: CAD will export in the same unit as the design file. 

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