BIM Export

Inputs required:

  • Completed BIM Implementation
  • Completed Saltmine Design file / Revit File
  • BIM Export/Import request submitted

Turnaround time:

2 Working days (Up to 50K SF)

Cut off time:

Mon to Thurs : Before 7pm EST / 4pm PST
Fri: Anytime

Request Form

Fill in the request form with clear instructions

Email Address: Type in the requestor’s email address. You will get an email notification of the request summary, when to expect your outcome, and a completion notice.

Saltmine Project Name: Type in the name of your project as in the platform

Design File URL: Copy/Paste the web URL of the design file you need the BIM export for

Measurement System: Imperial or Metric

Revit Version: Select Revit Version of use

Revit Template: Upload Revit template file

Floor Height: Input the top of slab to top of slab dimension

Floor Level: Input Revit Floor level respective to this project file

Additional Notes: Leave special notes to Support team

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