Building and Level IDs

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Now Customers can identify their buildings & levels uniquely when synced across different software platforms such as IWMS systems.

This new feature will improve usability in the following ways:

  • Foundation for Interoperability with other systems ( Sensors, Booking, IWMS)
  • This ID does not reflect on the Scenario Dialog or anywhere within Strategy. It is purely for interoperability purposes when the ID used in another system does not match the ID that is being used within the Saltmine platform.
  • The Customer Level ID is an optional field.
  • Unlike the Level Schema, these are customer specific IDs. Saltmine Level IDs are specific to the Saltmine platform.
  • Example Use case: “As an Occupancy Planner, I want to be able to bulk upload my Occupancy Data, containing Building IDs, Level IDs, and Room IDs on Saltmine.”


  1. Once a project is finalized (built/construction phase)
  2. Edit Building in Sites
  3. Add customer Building ID as used in other systems
  4. Add customer Level ID as used in other systems

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