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Inputs required:

  • Saltmine Project and Scenario created
  • Floor plan (CAD/PDF) uploaded to Project Files (Technical drawings only, hand-sketched is not accepted)
  • Core and Shell request submitted

Turnaround time:

1  Working day*

(Up to 50K SF per day)

Cut off time:

Mon to Thurs : Before 7pm EST / 4pm PST
Fri: Anytime

Request Form

Fill in the request form with clear instructions

Email Address: Type in the requestor’s email address. You will get an email notification of the request summary, when to expect your outcome, and a completion notice.

Saltmine Project Name: Type in the name of your project as in the platform

Saltmine Scenario URL: Copy/Paste the web URL of the scenario where the design file is expected to be uploaded

Project Address (Google Maps URL): Copy/Paste the web URL of the google maps location page

Floor Number: What floor is the project located? If unknown, please give an approximate

Floor File Uploaded: Preferably, all input floor plans should be uploaded to the Files section of the project on app. If not, please select No and upload the files via this request form.

See ‘Upload files & documents’

Floorplan File Type: Select the type of drawings uploaded.

Generic Exterior Scene: by default, Saltmine takes Google Maps view as the exeterior scene outside the windows of the floor. If the Googl Maps view is of low quality, we use a generic scene as a replacement.

  • Select a suitable generic exterior scene description:
    • High/Mid/Low rise – depicts the view surrounding the building (do not mistake for the level of the floor itself)
    • Deliverable(s) would include at minimum 1 version with exterior view taken with the imagery data available at the given building address
    • In case the data is not available or of low quality, an additional version will be submitted with a generic exterior scene that might have similar features to the input address’ (in terms of rise level, communities/density within the surrounding area, etc.)

Additional Notes: Leave special notes to Support team

Sample core and shell output:

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