Import Design (Or Design Digitization)

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Inputs required:

  • Saltmine Project created: Project Name, adding Team members as Project Team, Scenario Address
  • Floor plan (CAD / Revit) uploaded to Project Files
  • Digitization request submitted for each building, Team’s emails to be notified
  • Priority list / project tracker / bucket delivery by week (if submitting more than 4 files at a time)
  • Completed implementation (ie. Blocks & Product catalogs)

Turnaround time:

3 Working days* (Upto 240K SF)
*up to 30,000 SF/plan or upto 4 unique plans or 8 plans of same core&shell

Cut off time:

Mon to Thurs : Before 7pm EST / 4pm PST
Fri: Anytime

Request Form

Fill in the request form with clear instructions

Email Address: Type in the requestor’s email address. You will get an email notification of the request summary, when to expect your outcome, and a completion notice.

Saltmine Project Name: Type in the name of your project as in the platform

Saltmine Scenario URL: Copy/Paste the web URL of the scenario where the design file is expected to be uploaded

Project Address (Google Maps URL): Copy/Paste the web URL of the google maps location page

Project Size: Input the project area in square feet or square meter

Floor Number: What floor is the project located? If unknown, please give an approximate

Upload Reference File: Upload reference files IF the files have not already been upload in the ‘Files’ Section of a project

See ‘Upload files & documents’

Additional Notes: Leave special notes to Support team

Sample design digitization output

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