Graphics Requirements

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Saltmine uses WebGL 1 to handle rendering. The graphic card requirements listed in Hardware Requirements reflect the minimum required to obtain acceptable performance. Older cards may work but may introduce low performance, as well as prove difficult to find updated drivers if there are issues.

While Saltmine doesn’t restrict graphics cards, some browsers will blacklist certain versions. To work around this blacklist, please read “Configuring your browser: Enable GPU-acceleration“.

Some newer laptops have both dedicated (Nvidia or AMD) and integrated (Intel) graphics cards. Enabling the dedicated graphics card with Saltmine can result in a performance increase.

If you have a dual-GPU laptop, here are some ways to choose the dedicated GPU:

  • macOS – gfxcardstatus app – allows you to switch the graphics card,
  • Windows – Nvidia control panel (Windows) – set chrome.exe to use discrete graphics card
  • Windows – AMD control panel (Windows) – set chrome.exe to use discrete graphics card

NOTE: Saltmine does not recommend the use of any particular graphics card.

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