How to set up Space Temperature?

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This is an add-on feature. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a demo!

Step-by-step Guide:

Space data: Room booking and sensors

  1. Submit Digitization request with room ID’s corresponding to the Room booking/Sensor exports.
  2. Import Room Booking or Sensor data. (Download ‘Sample CSV File’ data for template)
  3. To visualize and analyze Heat Maps, open the design file -> turn on ‘Utilization Heatmap’. Select data source and time frames to view the heatmap.

Attendance data: Badging

  1. Import badging data. (Download ‘Sample CSV File’ data for template)
  2. Import badge reader data to let the system know where each badge reader is located. (Download ‘Sample CSV File’ data for template)

Block-room ID
Access Utilization Dashboard
Import Data

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