How to set up Space Temperature?

Space data: Room booking and sensors

  1. Enable ST Integrations in Customer settings. (Internal – Done by Saltmine Admin)
  2. Key in block-room ID’s on Designer for each block. An external room ID is the name of the room or workstation on the customer side as used in the IWMS/Room Booking/Sensor/Badging platform.
  3. Import Design to Strategy to get a list of the mapped rooms from the previous step.
  4. Import Room Booking or Sensor data. (Download ‘Sample CSV File’ data for template)

Attendance data: Badging

  1. Import badging data. (Download ‘Sample CSV File’ data for template)
  2. Import badge reader data to let the system know where each badge reader is located. (Download ‘Sample CSV File’ data for template)

Block-room ID
Access Utilization Dashboard
Import Data

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