Inventory or BOM (Bill Of Materials)

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Use Saltmine’s ‘BOM’ feature to get instant quantity take-offs and budget estimates in the early stage of scenario planning and designing. Also considered as Inventory, ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) depending on the phase of project.

The BOM reports on the quantity takeoffs and cost inapplicable for all furniture, fixture, equipment, ancillary items, and materials in a project.

Access Inventory or BOM

To open a project’s BOM, click on the ‘BOM’ button located in the top ribbon.

The report opens in a new tab.


The report consists of four categories:

Soft Cost: If there is an overhead budget added in the project’s scenario, the soft cost is shown here.

Furnishings: All furniture, fixture, equipment, and ancillary products set by preset categories.

Materials:  Floor, wall, and ceiling surface areas

Other: Wall area by wall type



Click on individual categories to expand the group or the +/- buttons on the right to expand/flatten the tree.



Cost per item is available if preset by your company standards. If not, the user has the option to edit & save the price per project by clicking on the edit button. 

Note: users can edit cost per project only when the design is accessed in edit mode. If you do not see the edit button, please ‘Go back to dock’ and reopen the design file in edit mode.

To edit project cost, click on ‘Edit’

and update the Cost per line item accordingly. See total costs update.

Save progress to retain cost updates for this project file.


Export to PDF/CSV

Users have the option to export the report to pdf or CSV format.

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