Release Notes: Saltmine v3.5

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Date: December 21st, 2020

Saltmine Core Platform

Business Intelligence Module

  • A new Business Intelligence Module allowing customers to visualize and analyze different parameters of their projects and portfolio data via interactive dashboards and custom reports through integration with AWS QuickSight cloud service and tool is now available.
  • Please connect with your Customer Success managers to get further information on how to access your portfolio dashboards. 

Archive Projects

  • Projects may now be set to an archived state providing users key housekeeping functionality to manage their list of projects and dashboards.

Personalize Email Invitation

  • Platform invitation emails sent to new users added to the customer cloud, or when adding users to projects, now support the ability to include a personalized message. 

Approval Request Enhancement

  • Approval requests sent through the activity panel to multiple users (by mentioning users’ names, or by a role) now added flexibility allowing to choose requests for approval from all users tagged in the comment or by any of the users tagged.

Bill of Material (BOM) Updates

  • The BOM now includes a new column to capture overage/wastage information that may be applicable to different materials, examples carpets, tiles, etc, when being laid out and that impacts the total cost of the material.
  • Users may now toggle between metric and imperial units of measurement on the BOM page.
  • Updates to the BOM page also include column headers for a  better experience and layout.

Customer Specific UI Dictionary

  • Customer-specific UI Dictionaries may now be created and linked to customer clouds allowing for flexibility in labels and in support of customer nomenclature.
  • The UI Dictionary has also been enhanced to support Report label changes directly via the dictionary.

Other Updates

  • Residual Program Area Alert: Strategy program now triggers an alert to users when the generated program area is lesser than the input real estate.
  • Speciality Space (SS) Logic: Specialty space logic now includes the ability to define specific logic set for allocating a block type in a program based on the number of buildings in the scenario.
  • Locking Design Files: Design files may now be directly locked from the design thumbnail or list view menu option.
  • Last Updated Timestamp: The customer dashboard now shows a last updated timestamp to indicate when the analytics data was last updated for the project portfolio view.

Saltmine Design Module

Product Color Variants

  • Product (e.g. chairs, tables) colors may now be easily varied on a design file by selecting from a pre-set range of colors defined based on the product market availability. This flexibility allows users to update the color of a product instead of having to replace the asset from the catalog.

Upload Material Textures

  • Users may now upload a material texture directly on a design file and apply this over floors, walls, or ceilings, allowing users to quickly evaluate and showcase different material options that may not be available in the catalog immediately. Custom materials that users end up re-using on different designs could then be added to the catalog through the existing request tool process.

Viewport Entity

  • A new viewport entity has been introduced to allow users to define views for specific sections of the floorplan in 2D. This functionality enables users to easily set consistent views when working in the 2D plan view, with screenshots, and PDF exports.

PDF Export Enhancements

  • The PDF Export has been enhanced to support the export of defined Viewports, or alternatively, of the entire design. 
  • Export enhancements also include a new option to “Fit to View” that enables users to exactly fit the scope of the export within the selected constraints using a custom scale.
  • The export also includes the Customer Logo on the footer.

Block Debug View

  • New functionality to allow users to inspect problems with blocks that do not correctly contribute to the analytics and reporting has been introduced. This debug view highlights erroneous blocks that were either created without boundaries or blocks whose boundaries were closed incorrectly.

False Ceiling Updates

  • False ceiling handles may now be easily located on the floor plan using the ‘’Find False Ceiling’’ functionality that is available on ceiling hosted objects.
  • When applying a false ceiling to a room or boundary that contains inner rooms or boundaries, the false ceiling may now be applied around all the inner rooms or boundaries or only applied around inner rooms or boundaries that are closed (but not around open rooms/boundaries).

Other Updates

  • Curve Wall Updates: Curve wall handles are now placed directly on the wall allowing for enhanced usability.
  • Nudging Blocks: Similar to objects/products, blocks may now be nudged using the arrow keys.
  • Auto-Save Notification: When opening a design file, users are now alerted if the Auto-save functionality is turned off.
  • Save As Shortcut: Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut now triggers a Save-As dialog when users access a design file in read-only mode.
  • Camera Selection on 3D Walk: The Camera property panel may now be directly accessed on 3D Walk using the select/center camera button on the main header.
  • Activity Panel Update: Activity Panel now supports a “Fit To View” functionality, allowing users to zoom in to the tagged context/pin.
  • Glazing Wall export to PDF is now visually represented in 2D similar to the view on the platform with mullion, panel, and wall details indicated.
  • Dimension Tool Update: The Dimension tool now supports the ability to adjust the font size of text and scales the font while zooming in and out of the design.
  • Viewer Update: The Design Viewer now supports a visibility option for Room Labels.
  • Visibility Menu: The visibility menu has been improved to only close on user action. 
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