Occupancy Planning (OP) Editor Overview

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OP Editor Screen Layout

The below image calls out the major functionality of the tools that are available in the OP editor.

OP Editor Block Panel

The OP editor block panel on the right hand side is where the Seat Usage Types, Capacity, Employee Seat Assignments, and Org Allocations are able to be assigned to each space in the floorplan.

OP Editor Audit Panel

The audit panel provides an org unit wide breakdown of occupancy for a building based on Headcount, Seat count, allocation status (Vacant/Allocated) and Assignment status (Assigned/ Unassigned). 

Employee Search

We now support portfolio-wide (across sites) employee location search on the platform. This feature makes it extremely convenient for our users to search for an employee’s location across the database via a single query. 

On a successful search, we guide the user to the employee’s exact location on a floor plan.

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