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Project Dashboard Page

The first page when you log into the platform will show an interactive map of global project locations. The searchable list and dashboards to the right will automatically re-align with the regions visible in the map. Please note that projects shown on this page are filtered to show ‘Finalized Statuses’ only.

Main Project Dock

As compared to the Project Dashboard, this page will show all active projects in your Saltmine instance.

9 Square Grid (Chocolate Bar)

In the Core Platform, the ‘9 Square Grid’ or ‘Chocolate Bar’ is a central location on the platform where additional modules and pages can be accessed. Please note grid may vary based on your individual permissions or your company’s subscription.

Access Knowledgebase is the primary way to access helpful articles like this one! Check out all of the articles in the ‘Getting Started’ section after you finish this Orientation.

Creating New Project

Creating New Project

  • Click on ‘New Project’ (“(+)Plus” next to “Projects”)

Adding Project Details

  • Add project name
  • Select correct Region + Office Type
  • Include a Kick Off Date and Project Status
  • Add project Budget (if known)
  • Add project address (if known)
  • Click “Continue”

Adding Team & Timeline

  • Add team members to collaborate with (add from previously created users, or Create New)
  • Set a Timeline & Milestone (if known at this time)

Project Dashboard

Scenario Landing Page

(Access to Modules – Budget, Strategy, Design)

Design Interface

Also checkout ‘Navigation Controls‘ and ‘Keyboard Shortcuts‘ to become a Saltmine guru!

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