Platform Orientation

Dashboard Page

Main Saltmine Locations Dock

9-Square Grid

Access Knowledgebase

Creating New Project

Opening Created Project

  • Click on a project in the dock

Creating New Project

  • Click on ‘New Project’ (“(+)Plus” next to “Projects”)

Adding Project Details

  • Add project name
  • Select correct Region + Office Type
  • Include a Kick Off Date and Project Status
  • Add project Budget (if known)
  • Add project address (if known)
  • Click “Continue”

Adding Team & Timeline

  • Add team members to collaborate with (add from previously created users, or Create New)
  • Set a Timeline & Milestone (if known at this time)

Project Dashboard

Scenario Landing Page

(Access to Modules – Budget, Strategy, Design)

Design Interface

Also checkout ‘Navigation Controls‘ and ‘Keyboard Shortcuts‘ to become a Saltmine guru!

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