Project Requests

New functionality has been built within Saltmine to enable submitting a project request.

What is it?

Users are now able to create a project request template for their team members within Saltmine. Team members can approve or reject the project, and will receive a notification upon being added.

Previously, users request project reviews through google sheets and forms, which could be a time-consuming and manual process for all parties involved.

Now, with this project request functionality, users are able to seamlessly request project reviews within Saltmine and have visibility into the project status.

This will enable

  • Better experience for all users within Saltmine 
  • Provides visibility into the project management process 
  • Automates assigning and reviewing project work for customers
  • Provides additional visibility for key stakeholders: allows external users to view project details within Saltmine

User Flow


  • User A – Can Manage Projects and CRUD (create, read, update and delete) request templates
  • User B – Can submit Project Requests

Create Template (User A)

  1. Opens “New Project” 
  2. Press “Create New Template” 
  3. Creation form appears
  4. Adds additional fields
  5. Saves Template

Add permission to send project requests (User A)

  1. Opens “User settings” 
  2. Grants permission to User B to create Project Requests

Request a Project

Create Project Request using template (User B)

  1. Press “New Project Request” button (same as new Project)
  2. The first template in the list is selected by default
  3. Selects the template from the list 
  4. Additional fields appear on the screen
  5. Input data to the fields 
  6. Add team members  (user can add anyone)
  7. Saves their project request
  8. Project status set to “Pre-Initiation” 

Reviewing Project Request (User A)

  1. Opens Project
  2. Opens “Edit” 
  3. Reviews details
  4. Can edit details if needed
  5. Changes the status
    1. If approved – “Initiated”
    2. If rejected – “Rejected”
  6. Team members get the email notification

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