Release Notes: Saltmine v3.8 Drop 1

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Strategy Module:

What’s updated:

Workpoint Distribution Updates

  • The Strategy module has been updated to allow users to edit the workpoint distribution directly within the inputs section without having to update workplace guidelines. 
  • We’ve also added the ability to apply mobility percentage values to various workpoints directly within the inputs section.
  • To support the above updates, the WPS guidelines back-office definition for Workpoints has been changed from a ratio-based setup to a percentage-distribution-based setup.

Editing Building Efficiency

  • Scenarios created without a defined real estate now have the option to edit the Building Efficiency number. This allows users to plan for a hypothetical or target building efficiency and helps to generate a rentable area.

Design Module:

Performance Enhancements

  • We’ve enhanced the load time for design files. Blocks from only the selected region and office type of the project are loaded initially. Additionally,  an option to load all Blocks (from all regions and office types) on demand has been added.

What’s new:

Configuration Page

  • A new Configuration option has been added on the navigation menu to support customer level settings.

Import of Employee Data

  • Customer Admins can now grant permission to team members to upload Employee Data.
  • Set the list of emails to receive reports with the status of Utilisation and Employee data upload.

Boundary Priority

  • A new Boundary priority page has been added within the Configuration Page.
    • This feature provides the ability to set priorities among defined Boundary types such as Vertical Penetration, Service Areas, Circulation, etc. The priorities help determine the logic for how walls that are shared between two or more Boundaries should be handled.
  • Additionally, design files now support a new Boundary tag that allows users to tag Boundaries from the defined list of Boundary types.

Automated P-lines For IWMS:

Circulation Layer

  • An automatically generated circulation layer has been added to the automated P-line export within the DXF export file.

Support for IWMS systems

  • Automated P-lines outputs are available for Archibus, FM Systems, Serraview, and Tango.

If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

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