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Seat Usage Types

The ability to assign a Seat Usage Type has been added as part of the OP module. Each of the seat usage types allow flexibility in how the space is managed and how each space can be assigned. The below image shows the breakdown of each seat type currently in Saltmine.

The three seat properties are:

  1. Seat-able: Open seat that can be used as hotel/ hot desking. 
  2. Assignable: Seats that can be assigned to an employee
  3. Ratio-ed: More than 1 person can be assigned to this seat

Default Saltmine seat types are:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Shared
  4. Hotel Desk
  5. Reserved
  6. Hoteling

Seat Capacity

For ‘Shared’ Seat Type: Users can set the capacity within the block rooms pane. The capacity can be set to as many employees and/or org units that are sharing the space. 

For all other Seat Types (Primary, Secondary, Hotel Desk, Reserved & Hoteling): the capacity is set to one if it is seat-able and zero if it is not. 

For each capacity there is the ability to add an org or employee to the space.

Pane showcasing Shared Seat Usage Type capacity editor:

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