Seating Employees & Allocating Org Units

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Seating Employees

There are two different ways that an employee can be seating on a floor plan.

  1. The first way is to use the ‘Search’ function within the OP editor. Simply search for the employee and click and drag the employee onto the floorplan in the desired location.
  1. The second way would be within the block room properties panel upon clicking on a specific space. Selecting the Assign Employee button will open up the search dialog box where the employee can be searched for and selected to add them to the space.

Allocating an Org Unit to the space

When an employee is assigned to a seat the org for the employee is also assigned to the space. Due to the way that space is often managed the ability to allocate an org unit to a space has also been added for when there are no employee assignments.

Selecting the Search to Allocate Org. Unit space in the block rooms panel will automatically open a search panel with a list of all of the org units added to Saltmine. Selecting the desire org unit will assign that org unit to the space. This process can be repeated for each available capacity at the seat.

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