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Use Saltmine reports to analyze your current program, and design files and to compare them against company set guidelines. Refer to the variance columns to identify % impact.

Reports can be filtered by building, level, department, or as an aggregate.

Report Types

Project Summary Macro-level summary of project area, budget, headcount, deskcount, & densities.
Workplace Response Identify workplace-response for the parameters of Building Efficiency, Business Efficiency and Space Vs Work activity
Comprehensive Project Area Real estate allocation by space types; identified under categories like individual, community, collaboration, circulation, building efficiency etc..
Comprehensive Project RatioTabulation of seat-counts and ratio in the format of primary workseats : supporting workactivity seats, i.e.
Closed workseats : Open workseats,
‘Concentrate’ seats : Primay workseats,
‘Collaborate’ seats : Primary workseats
Department Provisions – AreaArea allocation by department for each space type/ category

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