Release Notes: Saltmine v3.8 Drop 3

Date: Dec 13th, 2021

What’s new

Custom Space Attributes

  • We’ve created  a new capability that allows spaces to be highlighted and analyzed using custom or user-defined attributes and values.
  • Now, attributes can be indicated with text or yes/no text in the value types, and  assigned a color. 
  • Spaces (Block-rooms) on the floor plan can be tagged with defined attributes and values.
  • Additionally, spaces with the tagged attributes and values can be highlighted using the new Floor Plan Highlights functionality.
  • Custom space attributes are also available as a new data-set within Insights.

Design File Sharing

  • Now, with the new capability you can directly share design file viewer links from within the Design tab.
  • The functionality supports sharing multiple files together. Users with the relevant permission can share the design file with existing team users, existing customer users, user groups or new users from within the share dialog.
  • Users who have received the viewer links can be notified via email and In-app notifications.

Mobility Recommendation on Strategy

  • With the new feature addition, our system can now provide recommendations on optimal mobility percentage for each department on the Strategy Inputs page on the basis of Badging data.
  • Recommendation data can be viewed  in the new column “Recommended Mobility %”.

What’s updated

Design Module 

We’ve made several improvements and enhancements to various aspects of the design module within Saltmine. Scroll down below for a full overview. 


  • Now you can select similar objects across your entire floor plan within your current view using the new menu option.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts for select similar have been added. 
  • We’ve made several improvements to the Group Select option: 
    • Polygonal selections have been added 
    • The filter menu now includes a new design, tool-tips and warnings
  • Various wall types can be updated to a single wall type
  • Objects that are vertically stacked can now be easily selected using the keyboard shortcut “Tab”. 

Drawing Tools 

  • Zones can now be drawn when polylining. 
  • Columns can now be locked in bulk. 


  • A new functionality to drag and drop blocks directly from the Program Audit has been added.
  • Product and Block Catalog Search functionality has been updated for improved performance and better experience when searching.
  • Product and Block names on the Property Panels may now be copied using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C.


  • Ambient Occlusion shading and a new rendering technique have been added. This technique enhances 3D visuals and shadows by calculating the exposure to ambient light for each point in a scene.
  • Now, settings from past HD renders can also be seen within the platform. 


  • We’ve introduced a new property panel for Blocks, which enhances the menu organization providing an improved overall experience.
  • Block tags can also be updated in bulk. 


  • Users now have the ability to update camera heights in bulk. 
  • We’ve added the capability to undo deleted camera hotspots using the Crtl + Z or undo buttons within our platform. 
  • Hotspot names on the property panel will now appear as highlighted when the corresponding camera is selected. 


  • Objects can be snapped with multiple reference lines together
  • Group selected blocks and objects now also have the snapping functionality.