Archiving/ Unarchiving Projects

As more and more projects are completed in Saltmine the list of projects may become a little cluttered. Saltmine has an archive feature that enables the hiding of the archived projects. Since keeping a historical archive of the completed projects is important, archiving a project does not delete it, it is just hidden from view. Once a project has been archived it can also be unarchived. 

Archiving a Project

In the projects list select all of the projects that need to be archived. Select the pencil at the top of the page to open the dropdown options and select the Archive/Unarchive option.

Once the Archive/Unarchive option has been selected the project will then be archived.

Unarchiving a Project

To reverse the process and unarchive a project simply select the Show Archived option, select the project to unarchive, and select the Archive/Unarchive option to unarchive the project. The archived projects show up highlighted yellow.