Updating As-built Designs

This process starts with a design file that is part of a Building/Floor in the built status.

Create a New Project

In Saltmine on the projects homepage select the + New Project button.

After selecting the + New Project button the add new project page will open. On the details tab add the project name (the below name has the project name, the building code, and the date) and details for this project. Make sure the region and office type matches the building that is being updated.

On the team tab add the required team members to the new project with the necessary access levels. This can also be done after the project has been created.

After the project has been created the building(s) that require updating will need to be added to the new project. Start by selecting the info icon next to the new scenario in the project. 

Add Real Estate to Update

Selecting the info icon will open the Edit Scenario dialog. From this dialog the building(s) can be added to the project.

Using the Assign Real Estate dropdown select the site that requires updating. Once the site has been selected the required building(s) and floor(s) can be added by selecting the check box next to each floor in the required buildings. 

Selecting save will automatically add the strategy and design file from the current as-builts for the selected real estate.

There is now one design that has been added to the new scenario as well as the strategy that is tied to that design.

Update Design File(s) and Strategy

Now that the strategy and design have been added they can both be updated like any other project to reflect the necessary changes that need to be made. Once all of the updates to the strategy and design files have been completed, the project can then be moved to the built status to promote this design to the current as-built.