Designer Block Selection & Bulk Updates

Selection Updates

The following object selection updates have been added to the Saltmine designer to improve the overall ease and speed of use based on user feedback.

Select Similar Updates

  • Select similar now supports selection of:
    • Similar objects in view
    • Similar objects across the floor plan
    • Similar objects by drawing a selection
  • Select similar options are now grayed out now as opposed to hidden when an object is not selected
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been introduced for each selection type.

This allows for faster selection and reduces the number of clicks needed to create a selection set.

Group Selection Updates

  • The new polygonal select is introduced to support use cases where user may want to select specific objects that may not fall into a rectangle. This will enable drawing a selection boundary around the desired selection.
  • When filters are turned off , the menu shows a warning that there is nothing currently selectable on the floorplan
  • Look and feel of the filter has also been enhanced to improve usability

Tool tips have been added to explain what is included in each of the filters

Selection of Overlapping Objects

When trying to select an object that is underneath or overlapped by another object, the “TAB” key can now be used to cycle through the objects.

Wall Types Bulk Updating

Wall types can now be updated in bulk by Group Selecting, filtering to walls and then updating the wall types of selected walls together. This will enable faster updates to existing models when a floor-wide change had been made.

UX Group Select Panel

As the Saltmine Group Select feature set has continued to grow the properties panel needed some revision to ensure that all of the most used features were prioritized in the menu. This update has been completed so that now the most used feature are on the top of the panel.