Updating Camera Hotspots

Undo Camera Hot Spot Deletion

When a camera hot spot is deleted from the camera properties panel the undo button or CTRL+Z will bring the deleted hotspot back. This was done to improve the ease and efficiency of setting up camera hotspot. Designers take great care when placing hotspots and accidentally deleting one can slow down the process.

Camera Highlights when Hotspot Clicked

When selecting an camera on the floorplan the corresponding camera entry in the camera properties panel is highlighted showing which camera is being edited. This was added to increase usability and efficiency when creating camera walkthroughs.

Ability to Update Camera Heights in Bulk

The Camera height in Saltmine can now be updated in bulk by updating the Eye Height to the desired level and selecting the Apply to All button. This will update all of the camera heights simultaneously.

Copy Camera Locations Between Files

Functionality has been added to allow a camera to be copied from one file and pasted at the same coordinates in another design file. This was added to assist in enabling the following scenarios:

  • A design is developed with multiple options for the final design file. Using this new feature, once a camera walk-through has been set up the cameras can be copied to the new file to support a like for like walk-through comparison of each file.
  • Viewing multiple rendering options of rooms across different design files where the same rooms exists in each file.

To copy and paste the cameras between design files simply use CTRL+C to copy the selected camera and CTRL+V to paste the camera into the new file.