Keyboard Shortcuts (Design)

TypeKeyboard ShortcutActionApplicable When
DrawingW1Start using Wall Slot 1Drawing panel is open
DrawingW2Start using Wall Slot 2Drawing panel is open
DrawingW3Start using Wall Slot 3Drawing panel is open
DrawingGWStart using Glazing WallDrawing panel is open
DrawingRStart using RoomDrawing panel is open and item is not selected
DrawingMManual SplitWall is selected ( Only Applicable in 2D mode)
DrawingSpaceAutomatic SplitWall is Selected
DrawingSpaceClose surface shape3D Geometry Tool is active
DrawingDStart using DimensionDrawing panel is open
DrawingNStart using NoteDrawing panel is open
DrawingAStart using Reference LineDrawing panel is open
ObjectArrowsNudge by 2 inches or 5cm (Depending on selected unit system )Item is selected ( Only Applicable in 2D mode)
ObjectSHIFT + ArrowsNudge by 1 feet or 50cm (Depending on selected unit system )Item is selected ( Only Applicable in 2D mode)
ObjectCDuplicateItem is selected
ObjectRRotate 90 degreesItem is selected
ObjectHHorizontal FlipItem is selected
ObjectVVertical FlipItem is selected
ViewCTRL/CMD + 12D Plan
ViewCTRL/CMD + 23D Walk
ViewCTRL/CMD + 33D Global
NavigationW,A,S,DMove Camera / Pan ViewIn 3D Walk and 3D global modes
NavigationArrowsMove Camera / Pan View
NavigationSHIFT + W,A,S,D or ArrowsMove FasterIn 3D Walk mode
OthersSStart using Group SelectionOnly Applicable in 2D mode
OthersFFit scene to view
OthersSpaceCenter CameraNothing is selected. More specifically, when wall is not selected
GeneralCTRL/CMD + CCopy to clipboard
GeneralCTRL/CMD + VPaste from clipboard
GeneralCTRL/CMD + ASelect All Entities
GeneralCTRL/CMD + ZUndo
GeneralCTRL/CMD + YRedo
GeneralCTRL/CMD + SSaveDesign is open and not in read-only state
GeneralBackspace / DeleteDelete
GeneralEscapeClose dialogs, panels, or deselecting


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