What is Level Numbering Schema?

We’ve created a New Level Schema to uniquely identify Levels ( & Buildings) across the platform.

What this does: 

  • Introduces a data repository of Building & Levels created across the platform. 
  • Improves data analytics capabilities by making it easier to report on things such as historical data, square footage, usage patterns and more. 
  • Increases visibility and data integrity across the Saltmine platform to aid in portfolio growth. 
  • Assists to provide a better understand as to who is occupying the space & when. 

What is the benefit?

The new level schema provides the ability to capture a unique level identifier and a “user friendly” text name improving data integrity across the customers portfolio. This will allow each level in the platform to keep the “user friendly” name while also adding a unique ID to each level.

How to Set up Levels in the Scenario Page:

  • Add Basement, Level, or Mezzanine floor type by selecting the B, L, or M letters from the dropdown. When adding a mezzanine select the letter M and set the ID to the same number as the level below the mezzanine to properly sort the levels.
  • Select ID from 001-999
  • Add a custom level name