New Test Fit Checklist – New Project

1Create a new project
-Name new Project
-Associate Project Type
-Associate Region
-Associate Office Type
-Select Kick-off Date
-Select Project City
-Optional: Associate Project Budget
-Optional: Add notes into the Description field
1aAdd Team Members to the project
1bConfirm the project is the correct unit system
2Create a Scenario
2aAssign real estate, if applies
-If Yes: Uncheck “Do Not Assign Real Estate” & name a New Site or Select an existing Site
-If Yes: Confirm Building Name, Address, and Floors in scope of project
3Request Core & Shell or Design Digitization
-Complete form
-Provide Saltmine Scenario URL (so our team knows where to upload the
digitized plan)
-Upload relevant files
-Submit form to Saltmine Platform Services (you’ll receive an email)
-Plan for 24-48hr digitization turnaround
4Complete Saltmine Strategy Module
4aComplete Strategy Inputs:
– Real Estate (If Real Estate is associated)
– Headcount
– Optional: Specialty Spaces requirements by Organization
4bComplete Strategy Analysis:
– Configure block allocations as needed
– Add any custom blocks to their appropriate zone in ‘Zoning”
– Allocate program areas/blocks to floors in space allocation (If Real Estate is Associated)
– Check Reporting to ensure compliance with configured thresholds
Please note: When Real Estate is Allocated, the remaining space must be a positive number in order to save the program and connect it to the design module
4cSave your progress and exit the strategy module
5Check your Digitization Mapping: (RE Associated Only)
– Go to your design dock
– Confirm that you have access to the requested design files
– Click the ‘i’ Icon to see file information
– Make sure the design is mapped to the appropriate building and floor
– Make sure the file name is correct
– Make sure the file is accessible to the correct teammembers
5aOpen the design file(s)
– If a ‘Strategy in Progress’ prompt pops up confirm that all spaces are fully allocated
– If a mapping prompt pops up, instruct the platform which floor from
strategy should be mapped to which floor from design
5bBegin Testfitting!

Download pdf version of checklist here: