What is Saltmine Occupancy Planning?

Occupancy Planning (OP) is the first among the Saltmine Occupancy Planning & Management Initiative and includes the following functionality:

  • Seat Usage Types
  • Capacity Assignments & Management
  • Employee Seat Assignments
  • Seat Org Unit Allocation
  • A Robust Employee Search
  • Occupancy Audit
  • Floorplan Highlights
  • Space Attributes 
  • Reporting

OP is built for space planners & workplace strategists that are focused on optimizing their space, planning for the future of work, and providing the data needed to support strategic decisions. 

Using the as-built environment created within a Saltmine project, the new Occupancy Planning (OP) module will provide space planners with the ability to manage the day-to-day occupancy within their real estate portfolio. Leveraging the new OP functionality within Saltmine, paired with employee data from the HR integration, OP will enable space planners to manage space using the above mentioned functionalities; increasing visibility and control of data by understanding their space usage, performance, and current needs.

Accessing the Occupancy Planning (OP) Module

Saltmine’s new Occupancy Module can be accessed by licensed customers. 

Once a ‘Site’ has been created on Saltmine based on a final design/construction drawing/as built, the new Site Overview page will display the locations’ details with all of its buildings and floors.

Click on a floor to open the occupancy plan of a floorplan.

Seating Employees & Allocating Org Units

Seating Employees

There are two different ways that an employee can be seating on a floor plan.

  1. The first way is to use the ‘Search’ function within the OP editor. Simply search for the employee and click and drag the employee onto the floorplan in the desired location.
  1. The second way would be within the block room properties panel upon clicking on a specific space. Selecting the Assign Employee button will open up the search dialog box where the employee can be searched for and selected to add them to the space.

Allocating an Org Unit to the space

When an employee is assigned to a seat the org for the employee is also assigned to the space. Due to the way that space is often managed the ability to allocate an org unit to a space has also been added for when there are no employee assignments.

Selecting the Search to Allocate Org. Unit space in the block rooms panel will automatically open a search panel with a list of all of the org units added to Saltmine. Selecting the desire org unit will assign that org unit to the space. This process can be repeated for each available capacity at the seat.

Seat Usage Types & Capacity

Seat Usage Types

The ability to assign a Seat Usage Type has been added as part of the OP module. Each of the seat usage types allow flexibility in how the space is managed and how each space can be assigned. The below image shows the breakdown of each seat type currently in Saltmine.

The three seat properties are:

  1. Seat-able: Open seat that can be used as hotel/ hot desking. 
  2. Assignable: Seats that can be assigned to an employee
  3. Ratio-ed: More than 1 person can be assigned to this seat

Default Saltmine seat types are:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Shared
  4. Hotel Desk
  5. Reserved
  6. Hoteling

Seat Capacity

For ‘Shared’ Seat Type: Users can set the capacity within the block rooms pane. The capacity can be set to as many employees and/or org units that are sharing the space. 

For all other Seat Types (Primary, Secondary, Hotel Desk, Reserved & Hoteling): the capacity is set to one if it is seat-able and zero if it is not. 

For each capacity there is the ability to add an org or employee to the space.

Pane showcasing Shared Seat Usage Type capacity editor:

Occupancy Planning (OP) Editor Overview

OP Editor Screen Layout

The below image calls out the major functionality of the tools that are available in the OP editor.

OP Editor Block Panel

The OP editor block panel on the right hand side is where the Seat Usage Types, Capacity, Employee Seat Assignments, and Org Allocations are able to be assigned to each space in the floorplan.

OP Editor Audit Panel

The audit panel provides an org unit wide breakdown of occupancy for a building based on Headcount, Seat count, allocation status (Vacant/Allocated) and Assignment status (Assigned/ Unassigned). 

Employee Search

We now support portfolio-wide (across sites) employee location search on the platform. This feature makes it extremely convenient for our users to search for an employee’s location across the database via a single query. 

On a successful search, we guide the user to the employee’s exact location on a floor plan.