Mix of Spaces Recommendation (Recommended Units)


The aim of the Mix of Space Recommendation is to provide a recommended distribution of Block sub-types based on the actual utilization of the space, rather than relying solely on manual input or design guidelines. This approach offers several benefits, including a dynamic data-driven program, maximizing space utilization, and reducing manual data entry time.

What exactly does the mix of Spaces recommendation do ?

The “Mix of Spaces Recommendation” involves reallocating program units based on their utilization and suggesting prioritization of blocks that are expected to be used more frequently than others with lower utilization values.

How to enable the Recommended Units column?

The mix of spaces recommendation (Recommended units) column will be active only in the following cases:

  1. The user has access to the Space Temperature module.
  2. There is enough utilization data for block rooms (minimum 320 hours of utilisation data spread across 30 days)
  3. The strategy is copied from a finalised design.
  4. The program units is not zero.
Recommended units column is only activated if there is enough utilization data.

How to use Mix of Spaces Recommendation (Recommended units)

The recommended mix of spaces requires having at least one month of utilization data on the platform. Utilization data can be uploaded either from the strategy panel or from the Space Temperature module (Figure 2). Once the data is uploaded, a list of recommended units for each block subtype will be provided. Users can then click on “Use Recommendation” to overwrite the “Program unit” values and make adjustments as needed (Figure 3).

Figure 2 – The user must have at least one month of utilization data.
Figure 3 : Click on “Use Recommendation” to overwrite the “Program unit”. 
Figure 4. Recommended units have overwritten the program unit.

Filtering Utilization Data

To scope down the recommendation to specific sites or times, utilization data can be filtered by specific time range, days of the week, or specific site. This will aid in making more precise recommendations (Figure 5).

Figure 5. The user can filter the utilization data for specific times or sites.

Upload utilization data

To drive the recommendation of space mix, a minimum of 30 days * 8 hours of hourly utilization data is required. If the user lacks sufficient utilization data, they can upload it from various sources such as room booking, occupancy sensor, or CSV file (Figure 6 ) from the Space Temperature module.

Figure 6. The user is prompted to upload utilization data to get utilization-driven program recommendation.