Completed Rendering Settings

This feature has been added to enhanced usability and time savings by adding the ability reference older renders and view what settings were used to generate them. Access to the settings used in previous renders will allow the same settings to be used in a new render to obtain the same look and feel.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion Feature

The Ambient Occlusion feature enables the ability to add deeper shadows to the model. This feature has been added to provide a highly enhanced visual quality and Enhanced visual experience during walkthroughs of the Saltmine model.

The Ambient Occlusion settings can be found under the design tools menu light rendering settings. Simply select the Show Ambient Occlusion slider button to turn on the setting. Once the setting has been turned on, move the intensity slider to darken or lighten the shadows in the model.

NOTE: Updating the Ambient Occlusion on the model does not affect the HD Renders in any way. The rendering settings for an HD Render are separate.

Ambient Occlusion Off

Ambient Occlusion On