View Strategy Reports

Once you’ve completed your preliminary strategy, click on the ‘Reports’ tab on Strategy – Analysis to view reports based on the program.

Select and view the type of report by real estate (buildings+levels) and department.

Refer to Saltmine Reports for more information on type of reports.

Strategy and Design Reports – Type of Reports

Use Saltmine reports to analyze your current program, and design files and to compare them against company set guidelines. Refer to the variance columns to identify % impact.

Reports can be filtered by building, level, department, or as an aggregate.

Report Types

Project Summary Macro-level summary of project area, budget, headcount, deskcount, & densities.
Workplace Response Identify workplace-response for the parameters of Building Efficiency, Business Efficiency and Space Vs Work activity
Comprehensive Project Area Real estate allocation by space types; identified under categories like individual, community, collaboration, circulation, building efficiency etc..
Comprehensive Project RatioTabulation of seat-counts and ratio in the format of primary workseats : supporting workactivity seats, i.e.
Closed workseats : Open workseats,
‘Concentrate’ seats : Primay workseats,
‘Collaborate’ seats : Primary workseats
Department Provisions – AreaArea allocation by department for each space type/ category

View Design reports

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Once you’ve completed your design layout, click on the ‘View Reports’ button on the main ‘Design’ page to view reports.

Select the building, levels and the design file you want to see reports on.

You have the option to select multiple design files of different levels.

Select the type of report you want to analyze.

Refer to Saltmine Reports for more information on type of reports.