Bulk Upload Space Attributes

Assign values for multiple Block-rooms’ Space Attributes across sites and projects by uploading a CSV file.

Rules for CSV upload

  • Only Block-Rooms (with blockRoomID present) in the list are affected
    • Block-Rooms excluded from the uploaded CSV will not have any changes.
  • Mandatory fields:
    buildingID, levelID, blockRoomID
  • To remove all attributes of a Block-Room, leave the attribute and attributeValue of the Block-Room blank.
    • No attribute will be overwritten if either attribute or attributeValue is left blank.

Custom Space Attributes

The ability to add and define custom space attributes has been added to the Saltmine platform in order to provide the ability to capture more data for analysis and to add further space classifications. This feature will also help enable various workflows for Occupancy Planning.

This new feature is completely self-service and requires no back-end setup from the Saltmine team.

Defining Custom Space Attributes

Start by selecting the Configuration option from the Saltmine “Chocolate Bar”.

On the configuration page select the Space Attributes option from the menu on the left. All of the existing space attributes are listed here as well as the ability to add new space attributes.

Selecting the +New Attributes button will open up the Add New Attribute dialog menu.

After adding necessary the space attributes, they can then be assigned to the desired spaces in the Saltmine model.

Assigning Space Attributes to the Spaces in Saltmine

After selecting a block, in the block properties panel, select the Set Attributes button. Once selected the Block Room Attributes dialog box will open. From this dialog box all of the previously define attributes are available to be assigned to the spaces.

After adding the space attributes to each space, the attributes can then be displayed visually using a floorplan highlight. This visual will provide a quick, at a glance over view of the spaces based on the attribute selected.