Select and edit multiple walls in 2D or 3D mode

Edits include:

  • Change wall type/ category/ height/ thickness
  • Switch to Curved Walls
  • Switch to Glazing wall and edit glazing wall settings
  • Match/unmatch to floor height
  • Change and visualize material changes

Step by step:

Step 1: Use ‘Shift’ to select multiple walls in 2D or 3D

Step2: Select ‘Edit Selected Walls’ in the Property Panel

Step 3: Make any wall edits in bulk:

To Bulk Edit Wall Finishes:

Step 1: Highlight Fa├žade Tile on properties

Step 2: Select Material

Release Date: 26 January 2023

Wall align tool

Walls may now be easily aligned with each other using the new wall align tool that supports extended snapping capabilities. Walls may be aligned by dragging the target walls and simply hovering over reference walls.