User Management Enhancements

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What’s New?

We’ve made several quality of life user management enhancements to assist in adding and updating user permissions. Admins will now have the enhanced ability to share files with other users, add users in bulk, and change the user types. These new features were designed to aid in seamless user management and administration on the platform as well as to enable user adoption and growth

How Does This Benefit Me?

Now, additional users can be updated in a single action in one location, without having to take the additional steps of adding them and then re-adding them to projects.

  • Easy and accessible user management 
  • Better admin experience (time spent) 
  • Increase user adoption within Saltmine

Adding Multiple Users To A Project

Introducing a new + Existing Users button on the Team page of a project, an admin can now add multiple users or user groups to a project with a single project role.

Seamless Conversion Of User Types

In the Add/Edit User dialog, there is a new option to select the user type for each user. The main user types being Admin (Customer Admin), Standard, and Guest.

This new feature is accessible in both the Users and Teams pages.

In version 3.6 it was not possible to convert a guest user to a standard user without deleting add re-adding the user. This feature addresses that issue and enables and admin to convert a guest user to a standard user.

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