What is Saltmine Occupancy Planning?

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Occupancy Planning (OP) is the first among the Saltmine Occupancy Planning & Management Initiative and includes the following functionality:

  • Seat Usage Types
  • Capacity Assignments & Management
  • Employee Seat Assignments
  • Seat Org Unit Allocation
  • A Robust Employee Search
  • Occupancy Audit
  • Floorplan Highlights
  • Space Attributes 
  • Reporting

OP is built for space planners & workplace strategists that are focused on optimizing their space, planning for the future of work, and providing the data needed to support strategic decisions. 

Using the as-built environment created within a Saltmine project, the new Occupancy Planning (OP) module will provide space planners with the ability to manage the day-to-day occupancy within their real estate portfolio. Leveraging the new OP functionality within Saltmine, paired with employee data from the HR integration, OP will enable space planners to manage space using the above mentioned functionalities; increasing visibility and control of data by understanding their space usage, performance, and current needs.

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